About Us

Our Mission: 

We exist to light up the world with the good news of Jesus and good works 

Our Values:

  1. Big Faith: We believe that faith in Jesus Christ looks like a sacrificial lifestyle of loving God and others more than a list of religious rules.
  2. People First: We are focused on loving people more than big projects or many programs. We keep asking, what we are doing to help the people right in front of us who need God’s love?
  3. Diversity: The church represents God's diversity. We are a crosscultural and multi-ethnic multigenerational gathering of followers of Jesus Christ.
  4. Joyful Generosity: We chuckle as we give because we trust in such a giving God.
What We Do

Build Family

Come join the lighthouse family. We love one another and we stick together through thick and thin. We are a diverse church family from all different races, ages, and cultures united by the love of Jesus!

Pursue Freedom

Do you ever wonder why that one thing in your life won't change?  It can be a thing of the past with the freedom only Jesus can give you. We offer prayer and support to help you get free from life's hurts habits and hangups.

Be Discipled

 Together we are destined for something great! Get to know us and we'll support, encourage and cheer you on.  At Lighthouse we'll help you discover and grow in the amazing destiny that you have in Jesus Christ!